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Tendenitis of the wrist

mb_ianmb_ian Posts: 18
Hello, new to the forum hope anyone can help

If you have tendenitis of the wrist is it stupid idea to keep mountain biking. Generally do trails riding with some rough decents.

Not tried any wrist braces or padded gloves.

If anyone has suffered from this can you please advice, like the biking and dont really want to give it up.


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    I'd suggest spending some time and money getting your front end set up right.

    Some good grips (ergons would probably be best as they give a bit more hand support) and some on-one mary bars might well put you in a properly comfy position. It'd be worth going to see a physio with your bike to see whether they can give any suggestions as to reducing the inflammation.

    Also, avoid riding when it has flared up.
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