Buying road bike advice please....

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Can anyone help me ?
My daughter needs a new road bike
she is racing at national level at under 12
shes 5'6" and is currently riding an appollo tdf,
wiliing to spend between £800 and £1000 as she is still growing,have been looking at the focus cayo 08, specialized tarmac 08 and trek 1.7,

has anyone got any advice to pass on to a complete novice ?


  • topdude
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    Best advice i can give is take your daughter to several bike shops and try the bikes. If she is already racing she will probably know what feels right :D
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  • Savman
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    Thanks for reply topdude
  • Anonymous
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    Get her to try as many bikes as you can, she will know what's right.

    Oh, sorry topdude! Heh heh, good advice there...