Cube Frame number??

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Hi :,, just trying to fill out warranty card for my new Cube LTD team..... and looked under the BB expecting to be a number i would assume to be the frame number.... but theres 3 differnt numbers there.. ;/ 1 reading across the BB from left to right.. and then 2 more running around the curve of the BB ... one on each edge...

Which is the frame number? and what are the other 2?? ;0(



  • plasma_man
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    If it's any help, my Cube frame number is 4 letters then 4 numbers

    Don't ask me where it is located, the frame number and other details are recorded on a form and a little sticker put onto the bike to show it's insured, my LBS done this for me.
    - 2013 Cube LTD, SL 29, grey / black.
  • NigelSWales
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    frame number should be the one going left to right on the BB Shell .. clueless what the other numbers are though :|