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Podcast currently on BBC 5 Live - Safer roads for Cycling

MarkyMarky Posts: 504
edited May 2009 in Commuting chat
I listen to many podcasts on my mp3 player, always when in my house, tidying, exercising, tinkering with my bike etc. Cycling-wise there's the Fredcast, The Spokesmen, BikeScape, and couple of others. The Bike Show from Resonance FM, sadly, had it's last show recently. The shows are still available to download however.

Anyway, currently available for downloading from the BBC Radio 5 live website is one about safety on our roads, with relevance for pedestrians and cyclists, from the Nicky Campbell phone-in chat and opinion type program. I've downloaded it, haven't listened to it yet, but will do soon. Here's a link to the relevant webpage:-

It'd be interesting to see other forum member's thoughts after listening to the show. Will maybe add a few myself after playing it sometime soon. Anyway, thought I'd post it here after having just seen the show's details listed on their site. Bye for now.


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