Bealach Beag - collapsed rider

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Wondered if anyone who was at the Bealach Beag today had heard any news on the guy who collapsed during the last 10 miles?

Look really bad and someone mentioned he'd stopped breathing and lost his pulse 'till some competing doctors gave CPR and revived him.

When I passed there were 12 or so riders around him and I moved on not wanting to add to the stress. An ambulance came past 15mins later but that's the last I saw.

I have to say it left me a bit shaken and not a little worried for the bloke.


  • cframe
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    I heard he got airlifted out to a hospital somewhere a bit further out but was doing ok, that was yesterday afternoon, not heard anything more since then.

    I went past him at just about the same time, good thing there was a doctor just nearby to help him out.

    Hope he's doing alright now.
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  • peanut1978
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    Likewise, passed him about 10 minutes before the ambulace flew past.

    Hope he makes a full recovery.
  • wakemalcolm
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    Managed a quick word with the organisers this morning (where the weather was sunny and still btw). The rider was airlifted to Broadford which they're taking to be a good sign; if it had been more serious I think he would have been off to Raigmore.

    Hopefully he'll make a full recovery - fingers crossed.
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  • mattybeck
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    Good news re the collapsed rider.

    What an absolutely horrible day (to the top of the bealach at least).
  • BigG67
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    Spoke to someone who knows one of the 6 (!) doctors who attended the guy when he collapsed.

    He had an epileptic fit and a heart attack - they are not sure which was first and I suppose it doesn't really matter. Feeling is that he would have died had there not been the quick response from fellow riders.

    They didn't know the detail on follow-up but they believed he's doing OK.
  • Anonymous
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    Crikey, how lucky was he that the drs were there? Hope he's recovering well.
  • BigG67
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