Mavic wheel, M10 / ED10 / cassette / advice

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New to the road and need some advice on a 2002 mavic ksyrium SSC wheel i have aquired.

It currently has a ED10 hub, from what i have read it takes a specific exa drive cassette? would the hub take any campy cassette? from the pics i have seen the spline pattern looks different on the ed10 hub to standard campy cassettes.

My bike is currently running shimano rear mech etc so if i did get a campy cassette to suit would i have to change the mech and chain?

All else fails i believe you can buy an shimano M10 hub, where would be the best place to purchase one of these and would i need spacers etc.

Thanks for your help in advance

Would really like to run this wheel rather than the heavy old one i have.



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    If the wheel has a FTS-L hub, then it'll take either a Campag-fit ED10 freehub body or a Shimano-fit M10 freehub body.

    If the wheel chrrently has ED10, then it's Campag.

    If you have a Shimano bike (the shift levers and derailleurs) then you'll want to replace that with M10
    Google 'Mavic M10 freehub' and see what you find ... eehub.html

    However, a M10 isn't actually Shimano : it's a Shimano-splined Mavic freehub.
    Mavic make a Shimano-splined-but-Campag-spaced cassette which you can fit to it.

    So to fit a Shimano cassette to it you also need a Mavic spacer
    - if you buy a Ksyrium wheel, one will come with it, but I don't know if it does with a M10 freehub body only.
    If not, you can buy one from e.g. CRC ... elID=25399
    *ignore CR's description of this item !*
    "This handy cassette spacer allows you to use 10 speed cassette on 8/9 speed cassette body."
    - that's not true : assuming that their item title "Mavic Cassette Spacer" is correct, and it's the spacer in the picture, this is the spacer you need to run a Shimano or SRAM cassette on a Mavic M10 hub, nothing to do with 10sp to 8/9sp.

    You don't say if you are running 8, 9 or 10sp Shimano
    If 8 or 9sp, you can then simply fit the cassette
    If 10sp, there's also a thinner (1mm) spacer from Shimano which should come with a 10sp cassette.

    More info on a similar question on an earlier post