Reasonabe cost shipping to Italy

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I need to ship a frame to Italy (minus forks).

I have it boxed up at 100cm * 15cm * 85cm, putting these numbers into Parcelforce website gives £56.69.

Any recommendations on a better deal?


  • Biscuiteer
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    I use this company to send things to Italy It's not cheap cheap, but it's better than parcelforce - I just priced up your parcel on their site and it comes out as £37.94 or £41.39 depending on which service you choose (Insurance is a pricey extra though).

    They'll collect the parcel from you too so there's no tedious queueing in a Post Office either.
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    I've used, they compare a few sites and were also cheaper for Parcel Force than going direct as you get deals only usually for account holders. I used the parcel force option for £38 to collect and ship a frame to Spain.
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    +1 for parcel2go, they're very cheap and easy to use. I sold a frame on Ebay in the summer and they contracted it to DHL. No probs at all.
  • plug1n
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    Thanks for the tips, saved over £20 with pickup via parcel2go