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finally finished the bike!!

allthegearnoideaallthegearnoidea Posts: 4,077
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Well after 18 months of riding it i have finally finished the bike!!
the last parts arrived this morning and are all fitted, cleaned and ready for tomorow! and i am a Very happy bunny!! as i always am when somehting cool arrives int he post!!!

so to mark the occasion i thought i'd give it a bit of a clean up and take a picture!!! apologies for the lack of gratuitous Fence shots and the mess visable through the shed door!! i need to work on the finding a good spot for pics that includes a bit of lawn and the fence!!! :wink:

i think its around the 22lb mark, althoguh have no scales to test it on at the mo, but also built the lot on a very tight budget mostly thanks to some major bargains on ebay!
spec is Carbon frame (has Carborn symbol on it??) which is a copy of the bianci super grizzly,
Xero Session freeride wheels (130gr heavier than the xc ones and due to my weight advised for the extra strength)
Panaracer Cinders 2.25/2.1 and Tesco tubes,
RS sid forks,
Kore the Red one 80mm stem,
FSA Kforce riser bars,
toxins lock on grips,
FSA Kforce seatpost,
Carbon race saddle (titanium rails),
FSA carbon pro cranks,
KMC X9L Gold chain,
XT M770 cassette,
Race Face signiture Bottom bracket,
XT M750 shifters and mech's,
KCNC jockey wheels,
XTR cables,
Crank bro's candy oem pedals,
Hope Mini brakes 185/165,
and finally hope seat clamp and KCNC crank bolts!

all but the brakes and shifters/mech's haas been upgraded and they are the opnly parrts left over from the old bike (which is being built back up with the old parts!) but the whole lot has cost me less that £550!

the bike has taken a lot of abuse over the last 18 months, especially since i joined Cornwall mtb and started to learn to ride properly! and have to say its a Joy to ride! even with that saddle! :shock: 8)

have that feeling of being very pleased with myself at the mo! haha!
After all, I am Cornish!
Cotic Soul, The bike of Legends!:wink: Yes, I Am a bike tart! ... 1#16297481
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