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First Off Road Ride !

Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
edited May 2009 in MTB beginners
As you may have seen on another thread, I just bought my first full suspension bike.

I rode it to work yesterday to see what it was like, and to be honest I was a little disapointed. Spongey, bouncey none responsive.

However, this morning I slipped on the Maxxis off road tyres (it had City Jets on it when I picked it up) back on to it.

Took it outside for a little spin, my God, how good is it !

You can climb and desend like mad, it grips everywhere ! You can even ride along the side of a muddy bank without sliding down. I am well impressed.

All in all, from yesterdays disapointment to todays smiles per mile :D


  • So different tyres have revolutionised your bike. I'll have to try that some day. :shock:
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Nah, just using it for the job it was built for :D
    Uncompromising extremist
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