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Come back from cancer...

247inheaven247inheaven Posts: 115
Hey biker people,
i'm in a bit of a rut and hoping someone wise wisdom will be able to help get myself out. I have finally finished six months of chemo and radiotherapy for lymphatic cancer, this has taken 6 months and my body is completely screwed. I couldnt do a lance armstrong and keep fit whilst undergoing treatment as i kept having reactions to the steroids...i hate them with a passion.
I've put 3 stone on, my body shape is more blob like, stetch marks every where and my fitness is SO censored , i get out of breath going to the shops instead of 30 miles loops! I'm eating healthy and being out on my bike as much as i can, Occ health put me in the gym and i hated that even more. But nothing seems to be happening what am i doing wrong!?!? grated been doing this about a month and getting alittle better but am i being impatient i know these things take time...also how the hell do i get rid of stretch marks? i look an idiot!

Any help will be greatly received!



  • ceecee Posts: 4,553

    slow and don't want to rush these things, especially after so much shock to your system with your treatment.

    keep at might not notice it at first, but one day you will just think "hey wait a minute.....", or notice definition coming back to your body shape.

    Don't think you can get rid of stretch marks.....could be wrong.
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  • maximus69maximus69 Posts: 347
    hi dude, would have a look at your diet for sure.

    get on a bodybuilding forum like muscle talk or similar.
    loads and loads of nutrition and diet threads and very, very knowledgeable friendly people.

    post up what you eat here or imho on above forum.
    just getting back into bodybuilding after a lay off and eating is 80% of it.

    like cee said take it slow. its not like your not doing anything. if you`ve been doing what your doing for a month and have noticed a difference then it sounds like your doing fine.

    how much weight have you lost?

    btw full respect to you and i think you can get cream for strech marks
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  • What Cee said. Little by little.

    Your body's been through stuff that a body aint been designed to go through!!

    Eventually you'll notice that the little hill you needed to use the granny ring to get up a few weeks ago, you can get up a notch higher. Slowly you'll progerss from that, but it will be slow my friend.

    Why not measure some simple loops and record your progress after every ride - that way even iff you don't feel you've made progress day on a given day you can look back and see that month on month you are. And remember you don't get better every time you go out, we all have sh!t days.

    But well done for getting through it and I hope your recovery is total and as quck as it can be.

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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I agree with the above, rest is key. If you don't let your body recover between sessions, you will feel worse and worse. Build up slowly and surely.

    And well done on beating it! One of my best friends had Hodgkins lymphoma a few years ago. He put a bit of weight on, but is fit as a fiddle now!
  • Ditch WitchDitch Witch Posts: 837
    Well, if it helps, Lance Armstrong didn't keep fit during his treatment.

    He tells a story about how his friends came round to get him back on his bike. They took him out for a ride and, at one point, he thought he was doing really well until an old woman on a shopper overtook him :lol:

    Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey is my advice :)
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