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National Audit Office KSI stats

CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
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I see the govt has announced some figures today making the point (amongst others) that the rate of decline of peds & cyclists being killed is slower than the number being seriously injured, with the underlying implicit message as usual that 'something must be done'.

How long before some MP with a point to make demands that helmet wearing is made compulsory? I really hope not. The arguments for & against helmet wearing are well-rehearsed but the idea that it becomes a mandatory legal requirement for any cycle journey anywhere regardless of location & every other factor is to me a big pile of nonsense.

If people want to wear helmets well jolly good, but being forced to for the most mundane hop down the road, or for a traffic-free commute through country lanes, is anathema to me. I'd be tempted to give it up tbh.
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