Fulcrum Racing 3

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In the market for some lighter wheels, but can't afford to spend anymore than £400.

I've looked at the Fulcrum 3's, and wondered if anyone had any experience.....

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  • FOAD
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    Not used 3's but have 5's currently and several mates have 7's. Love them for the money and seen some pretty tidy reviews of the 3's.
  • wicked
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    Not very light for the money though? Think 400 big ones could be better spent TBH eastons, kyserium elite or even hand builts.
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  • richa
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    I have Fulcrum racing 3's and have been pretty pleased with them.

    However, if I was buying again today (I've had 'em 2 years) I would be going for 2009 Mavic Ksyrium Elites. Think that this year they have upped their game and for £360 are right up there... And they are lighter (1550g) than R3's (1605g). They are easier to maintain/service also.

    http://www.merlincycles.co.uk/?fn=produ ... goryId=167
  • I have just got a pair of Race 3's and so far am pleased with them. They roll very well, pick up well and appear to be strong.

    And getting them brand new for £200 didn't hurt either :)
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  • fast as fupp
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    be warned if choosing mavic-their after sales support is non- existent and the build quality of their products can be variable
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  • Brian B
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    I briefly had Fulcrum 3 for about 1 month until all the spoke came loose and I returned them and upgraded to Mavic ES. Stll I think that I was really unlucky and have never heard of the same thing happening since and that was 3 years ago.

    They were great wheels when I had them though and were good for climbing(I went up Mt Ventoux twice on them) and IMO much better than Mavic Elites which I had had previously before getting my F3s. Still I think the new Mavic Elites are now on par with the F3s.
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  • acorn_user
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    Campagnolo Neutrons? There are lots of wheels out there now. Far too many really.