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Has any one used Impsport recently?

Was looking at the clothing on their site, and not sure whether its good stuff, or not.

Searches on the forum seem to be from a while ago, and just wondered about customer service and quality now.

Going with the opinion that they supply a lot of clubs and organisations, so can't be bad.


  • Shezzer
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    I have an Imp Sport winter jacket and it's great ... can't recommend it highly enough. Never bought directly from Imp Sport though, the jacket was from my club. Will be interesting to hear from anyone that's bought direct.
  • BigSpecs
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    I ordered some Geoff Thomas Foundation kit from Impsport for an upcoming charity ride (you can read about the kit and the ride on my blog ;-) I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality. The chamois is excellent in the bibshorts and the gilet is a top piece of kit. It is a bit thicker than some and great for the Scottish weather...!
  • sicrow
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    got some Impsport kit for L2P this year, it came a couple of weeks ago an appears to be pretty good from a quality perspective and at an average price (more than lidl cheaper than Assos)

    It can with specific L2P logo's and dates and took 3 weeks
  • shaunos
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    Cheers for your replys. Good quality at a reasonable price, which is what i am looking for, and you guys have pretty well confirmed this.

    Contacted Impsport about some shorts, armwarmers, and kneewarmers, all in plain Black, and was surprised to find a lead time of 28 days!!!

    Seems that even basic kit is "made to order".

    May still order some shorts, not sure about the warmers, it will be summer by the time they get here!!!!
  • cyclingfury
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    I had the same problem last year. I only ordered one of their bog standard flo jerseys and it took around 4 weeks to arrive. When I rang them after about 2 weeks they said they were behind with their orders as they were so busy, which I think is a poor excuse if you're running a business! They should either get more staff or tell customers up front that there is a lead time of 28 days. However when it did arrive it was a good quality top and I'm pleased with it. So, not a bad place to shop but don't expect prompt delivery.
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  • shaunos
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    I went ahead and ordered some bibshorts, arm warmers, and knee warmers from Impsport. Having been given a lead time of 28 days, imagine my surprise when my order turned up in 6.
    The shorts are excellent quality and fit, as are the knee warmers. Arm warmers are a bit on the small side, but Impsport are exchanging them for the larger size (and supplying with a different logo on as well!!)
    If you are looking for quality at realistic prices, contact these guys.
  • Gavin Gilbert
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    28 days isn't bad given even plain kit is made to order. Some of their Belgium or Italian competitors take months to deliver.

    I'd recommend you take a size down from the what Impsport advertise as the tops in particular come up very big.