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I've just come back from a cycling weekend at Cwn Carn and Afan in Wales and it was brilliant. I had the best time ever and found that the routes were really good. I would like to go to Brecon Beacons next, can anyone tell me if it's any good and recommend a campsite?

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  • fozzy17
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    There are a zillion campsites in the becons, make sure you ride the gap while your there, google or utube it
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    i did the brecon beast last year and it was quality. if your up for it the merida marathon next weekend is in that area (start/finish in crickhowell) taking in the black mountains and brecon beacons. camping is included in the entry (£25 for the 35km route and £30 for the 50, 70 and 80km routes) :wink:
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    Hi fozzy17

    I went on u tube to see the gap route as suggested and it looks mental i will definitely try it thanks. :lol:
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    plan to stay here in a few weeks, sounds pretty sweet and it was the only campsite i could find in walking distance of brecon
  • rhyko7
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    anyone got any video or picture reviews of the tracks at Brecon?
    i have thought about goin there for a spin a few times but cant decide if its worth it, it looks like a lot of the terrain is on roads (which puts me off)?
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