Lambeth, commuters and traffic

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These two bouroughs are disgusting, they have the most god awful roads and traffic system. The roads around their are frankly dangerous.

On a good day the junction by Lambeth Town Hall is a death trap, but now they've blocked off Coldharbour Lane (for road works) is in itself an example of hell. Firstly I couldn't work out how the diversion worked - as buses on my left were crossing right, right in front of me - or where it went. There was so much mayhem for the first in about 6 months I felt I was in so much danger just by simply being on the road I was forced to get off my bike and walk along the pavement until the logisitcs of this nightmare made sense.

Tor avoid Brixton I decided to head down Clapham road towards the Oval and turn (at somepoint) to head towards Camberwell. Nearly the entire strecth of Clapham road has road works and then onto Camberwell New road... more road works.

Its ridiculous. Even when I was heading to my parents through Streatham High road it had road works. Though the state of that road means its not suitable for roadbikes, you can see the tarmac peeling away from the curb and the centre of the road is arguably worse.

Don't get me wrong Its good to see them using money constructively (in times of a recession pay a man to dig a whole and then pay him 6 months later to fill it), but the wide spread work causes so much traffic its actually dangerous to ride through the near entirity of Lambeth. Surely some project planning could have seen them use a staggered approach instead of trying to repair nearly all the major road in Lambeth all at the same time bringing rush hour to a near life threatening grid lock.
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    I'm currently experiencing the ineptitude of a certain London Council in a professional capacity. Have had to tender 3 times now for the same project as they keep moving the goal posts, make ridiculous requests and set impossible deadlines. I've never come across a more inept, rude or work shy bunch of to$$ers in my working life. We hate working with public sector clients in my office, and for good reason. One day I'll be pleasantly surprised but so far, whether they be local authorities or Whitehall departments, they are a total pi$$take - IME.