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Anyone else experience shoulder ache on long rides? Went out tonight for 1 1/2 hours and could really feel it in the shoulders and neck during riding

Not sure if this is common or if i have have to make some adjustments to the saddle-handlebar distance.

Links to some good bike set-up pages would be great



  • Essex Man
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    When I started cycling again recently I too go this - especially on one side. 3 weeks in and it has eased. Don't know if I am in a better riding position now or I am just getting used to it.
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    I had a similiar problem and was told that it is likely to be down to the saddle being too far away from the handlebars. If you touch your elbow to the saddle apparently your fingertips should be a couple of cm away from where the bars meet the stem, give or take with a bit of tweaking to suit how you like it. When I moved my saddle the ache has stopped.
  • Hi

    Get somebody to look at you from the side. Your upper arm to torso angle should not exceed 90 degrees.

    Have a look here for further help

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    Also make sure your saddle's not sloping down slightly. This can cause problems in the upperbody as you tend to push back through your arms to keep yourself from sliding forwards. Your saddle should be flat.
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  • mervzila
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    Thanks for the tips