23 on 25?

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The tyres on y road bike at mo say 700x25 is it possible to use 700x23 or will i need different wheels?

Also whats the difference between wire and folding tyres?


  • redddraggon
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    it's fine
    I like bikes...

  • alfablue
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    Wire tyres have a steel wire bead (the bit that sits in the rim). These are heavier and cheaper. The tyre can't be folded. Folding tyres usually have a kevlar, aramid or similar bead which is flexible, lighter and more expensive, and the tyres can be folded which is convenient for carrying a spare (probably only necessary if you're touring). Folding tyres may well be easier to fit (get on the rim), though the floppyness may add an extra challenge to fitting, albeit a small one. I prefer folders because I would like to save the extra few grammes.