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Hey Guys,

Well just got back from a weekend down in Exeter with a couple of mates who are into their MTB quite a bit.

We did some good trails down there and had an awesome time, but quickly realized that our skills are just not up there enough to ride with confidence and not hold out mates back.

So wanted to find out ....

Looking for a Level 1 / Beginners course for my wife to build her confidence + learn some basic skills such as gears and manouvering around the off road track. Would be even better if the course was a womans only course!

Looking for a Level 2 course for myself.

Anyone got any idea's where we can look for such courses, we live in London and don't mind a drive for about an hour to get to the training centre.
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    could try - found them last week and looking to book a course with them. I live in London and cycle in Swinley so these guys seemed ideal. They run a skills course for levels 1 and 2 but recommend you start at 1 but up to you.
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    Hey man,

    Thanks, yeah they look pretty good, have mailed them and we'll see if I get get my wife on the L1 course, 17th of May.

    I also ride @ Swinley, great set of tracks out there for all levels .... only been biking on weekends for a month now and Swinley is where I get to ride.

    Thanks for the link!
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    Not used them myself but there is these lot:

    They do courses at Woburn Sands and also do ladies only courses so might be what you are looking for.
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    +1 for GetMountainbiking.
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    Try Astounding Adventures -

    We are an adventures activities company providing MTB courses in The Surrey Hills, North Wales (Gwydyr Forest) and North Yorkshire (Dalby Forest).

    We have a range of skills courses including:

    Core skills
    Singletrack skills
    Drops & jumps
    Trailside repairs
    Adventure race skills
    Mountain bike navigation
    Night riding apprenticeship

    All of our coaches are fully qualified and highly experienced.

    We also offer guided rides in The Surrey Hills, North and South Wales, The Lake District, The Peak District and The Yorkshire Moors. If you can tear yourself away from your bike, try our range of hillwalking and rock climbing courses too.

    Check us out!

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    +2 for Get Mountain Biking
    They are really good value and the instructors are really helpful. I have done 2 of their courses. 100% recommended.
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