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Don't ride your bike to school!

CressersCressers Posts: 1,329
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The head teacher and governers need to be roundly condemned... ...


  • condemnation: Agreed.
    It is nice to see the school board continues to face pressure.

    I wonder if they have a car park on premises? Accidents caused by cars v's bikes?
  • Mark_KMark_K Posts: 666
    I swear the world's gone mad ! :evil:
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    So the school is saying that the school run rush hour is dangerous..... surely kids riding to school would solve this???? Would also allow people to avoid getting pissed off with the traffic caused by the school run (my bus takes 55 minutes to do 13 miles in school term, 25 in the holidays)
  • teagarteagar Posts: 2,100
    Send them to Holland for a week. :roll:
    Note: the above post is an opinion and not fact. It might be a lie.
  • Stewie GriffinStewie Griffin Posts: 4,330
    His Dad should buy him some good locks and he should chain his bike to the fence, railing or lamp post outside the school. They cant do anything about that. The Primary School near me has 15-20 bikes locked up against its fence everyday. This in a school where fat Mums park on the zig zags that clearly state No Parking.
  • Frank the tankFrank the tank Posts: 6,553
    It's the "school run" that makes road around schools dangerous to road users and peds alike, not youngsters on bikes. :roll:

    I think all schools should be legally obliged to provide safe and secure racks for bikes and cycling along with other physical exercise should be encouraged. Bloomin' heck I'm gonna get myself worked up if I'm not careful. :evil:
    Tail end Charlie

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  • Mike HealeyMike Healey Posts: 1,023
    I sincerely hope that St Paul's School school is applying the principle of risk assessment properly and not just for the "death-trap" road just outside the school. I assume that they are to be congratulated in their heroic efforts to risk assess every route taken by every pupil, and not just young Sam O'Shea, regardless of their mode of transport.

    After all, if the road outside is a death-trap, then surely all pupils except those who are driven onto the school grounds are at risk. Some may have got out of their parents' cars just up the road and are in danger of being run over by other parents. Those who (horrors) walk to school, or arrive by bus, are at similar risk from the same source.

    No doubt they are, in the interest of transport mode equity, checking on how any pupils, travelling by bus, get to the bus stop and forbid them from doing so if it means that they must cross a road with like traffic problems. And the same must apply, surely, to children walking to school, who may have to proceed along other, dangerous, sections of the public highway.

    I take it that parents, who arrive by car on the other side of the road, are encouraged to cross it, to park outside the gates in order to prevent the little mites from suffering the dt's (death-trap syndrome).

    I can only marvel that school governors and staff, burdened as they are by SATS, inspections, curriculum changes, etc., manage to find the time to ensure that all of the above risk assessments are carried out and, indeed, develop the expertise to do so.

    Instead of the snide and dismissive comments of cyclists, who will clearly have little knowledge of the dangers of their chosen activity, I believe we should, under the Freedom of Information Act, ask for the risk assessments described above to be published, so that we may marvel at the school's unstinting dedication to preserving the safety of every pupil in their charge.

    In the meantime, one can only thank God, that the Headteacher and Chairman of Governors are doing their best to mitigate the dangers that, in their ignorance, the appallingly reckless parents of young O'Shea are prepared to subject him to.
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  • Vino2007Vino2007 Posts: 340
    ahhh there was nothing better than giving myself a good beating on the way into school in the morning. Theres just these people who will never understand why a child would want to cycle to school when they can be wrapped up cosy and secure in a big bmw 4x4
    Fight them all the way kid :wink:
  • thedirgethedirge Posts: 181
    bad dropping kids off in the car

    i always walked to school, even in the rain!
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