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sooo who else has had enough of the state of our roads! The french can manage to maintain smooth surfaces on their roads, why can this place not! Surely there is a cheap way (bar dodgy gravel fill-ups) to get our roads looking like an iced cake? any thoughts?


  • alp777
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    The fact France is around 3 times the size of Britain and has a lot less traffic on the roads might have something to do with the state of their roads compared to ours.
  • Vino2007
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    but is it too much to ask for the local road authorities to synchronise with gas companies etc or themselves when they are resurfacing? the standard of resurfacing is a joke, they muck up the drainage, they leave risen manhole covers and a week after completion there's an electrical company coming along to dig it up!
    I gree about traffic volume having a large affect but even the b roads are a disgrace