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Another newb mtb advice please, budget of up to 400.

JaiRoJaiRo Posts: 64
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Hey all, its another newbie here.

Im going to buy a hard tail mtb, budget max of up to 400 with hydrualic disc, 350ish with v brake.

The purchase will be made through the C2W scheme, its my first bike and I will be riding more off road than road (thats the plan!).

I need to get the bike from a brick and mortar store, so Ive looked at evans and have found the following.
Also, I do not want to buy the carrera range at all, even though lots of good reviews, I just dont want to purchase it. Ive seen the specialised hard rock and I just dont like the look of it, even if it too, has a lot of great reviews (of course, its not just looks Im after but a budget bike that will last me a while before thinking of upgrading and the like).

Which of these would you get, or, can you recommend me any from a shop thats in south east london? ... e-ec016370 ... e-ec017309 ... e-ec017163 ... e-ec017059 ... e-ec016285

As soon as I get some responses, Ill go get a quote and hopefully purchase it next weekend, meet up with some people off here and have a go at riding.

Thanks all for you help.

Scott Aspect 40 2011
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