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Will 09 Centaur US Ergos work with a QS front mech?

jon208jon208 Posts: 335
edited May 2009 in Road buying advice
Or will I have to swap that for a new ultrashift mech?

Also, extra click on the right aside and lighter weight, are there any technical differences between these shifters and the Chorus/Record/SR versions?


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Although Campagnolo say no, they're OK - the return to the micro-ratchet means they'll work almost any front mech - Shimano, FSA and SRAM included
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • James_LondonJames_London Posts: 530
    09 Ergos work fine with QS front mech. I had the same question when I fitted 09 levers to 08 Record. Very little difference between the 09 levers and none at all between the innards of the Chorus/Record/SR. The ratchet mechanism is the only Centaur difference AFAIK.

    That Super Record premium is a bit erm, elusive...
  • jon208jon208 Posts: 335
    Thanks, couldn't find any real differences between the levers on the Campagnolo website. There doesn't even seem to be much of a weight difference.
  • James_LondonJames_London Posts: 530
    Yes - the part numbers for the innards on the technical documents are the same except for maybe one bit in Ti and they're all within 5-10g.

    Chorus 11v - 350g
    Super Record 11v - 342g

    Record 10v - 332g (but 10g is nothing compared to the better position you can get on the 2009 hoods)
  • jon208jon208 Posts: 335
    Bit odd really. They've ditched Mirage, so now there's only Veloce - then a step up to the higher end stuff which is essentially the same (extra sprocket aside from Chorus upwards)

    If you want 11 speed then there doesn't seems much between Chorus/Record/SR?

    Looking forward to swapping the 08 Veloce ergos for some carbon Centaur 09 ones though.
  • James_LondonJames_London Posts: 530
    The Centaur levers feel a bit mushy at first compared to higher 11v groups (and 10v Record) but carbon Centaur 2009 levers are well worth upgrading to. The ergonomics are miles better for me - whether they are for others will obviously depend on your hands and position but everyone I've spoken to who has switched to 2009 Ergos prefers the shape.

    The levers normally come with cables but the shift cable outers are a little narrower for 2009 so be sure to change them when you put the new levers on.
  • jon208jon208 Posts: 335
    Thanks for the tip, will make sure I order some outers at the same time. Just need to try and get my perfectly (factory) applied bar tape off and on again without making a hash of it!

    Other bits on the list are a carbon Centaur rear mech, some skeleton brakes and maybe a Record 10 speed chain.

    Have been trying to get an 08 Centaur cassette but that hasn't worked out too well (see post below......)
  • James_LondonJames_London Posts: 530
    The full cableset should come with the levers but confirm when you buy.
  • jon208jon208 Posts: 335
    Will do, nothing like a few spring time upgrades to get you out riding!
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