Building a fixie. What ratio should i go for?

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I've been riding around on a Sirrus using just 1 gear to get a feel for it and find 52/19 to be a nice compromise between speed and hill climbing. I don't know much about it but this apparently gives a 73.9 ratio. My question really is, is it any easier or harder with a fixed compared to using a derailleur? And is there any difference between getting a smaller chainring and cog or larger chainring and cog? Thanks.


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    It is a bit easier on a proper fixed gear/singlespeed compared to a derraileur setup, but there isnt' a huge amount in it.

    As for gearing, larger is generally better as you have a more even loading of the teeth and the wear is spread out over more area. However it is heavier.
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    General consensus (with which I would agree) is that can go a bit higher on fixed than with free. Say c. 76" c.f. your 74" on free.
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    Get on a normal road bike and experiment with different gears. The ideal gear will be one which will allow you to get to your ideal maximum speed when spinning the gear at your fastest possible RPM.
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    totally depends on where you live, and where you want to ride. it's not a question that has an easy answer... I live somewhere hilly and 73.9 is fine if i'm feeling strong and rested, otherwise I ride 69. For my (v hilly) commute off road and on small very steel lanes I use a 60 inch gear (having generally done a training ride in the morning). If you live in east anglia or London an 81 inch gear might just be OK... generally though would recommend something slightly under geared than over geared