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Stans no tubes kits

bluehelmetbluehelmet Posts: 156
edited April 2009 in MTB buying advice
Anyone out there got any experience of their conversion kits? I'm fed up of mending punctures so was going to get the standard kit. I then noticed it said the rim tape included was only suitable for rims at least 21mm across. Now I've got an '08 Spesh FSR XC which has 17mm DT rims on. Am I flogging a dead chicken thinking it's only 4mm difference and it'll work? Anyone fitted them to thinner rims than 21mm? If so did it work? Or any alternatives like Slime, etc?



  • nik youngnik young Posts: 257
    ive fitted there standard kit to mavic xc 717 which are not very wide with no issue what so ever all i did was check on the stans web site to see what i needed to do (remove stock rim tape etc)

  • bluehelmetbluehelmet Posts: 156
    Cheers for the link nik.

    My rim (DT 445D) wasn't listed so I emailed them and they've replied saying it'll work.

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