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Cheap alternative to a camelbak mule etc...

geordiefreeridergeordiefreerider Posts: 888
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Hi all, rather than fork out £57 quid (maybe find one cheaper so dont bash my ears if you can) for a camelbak mule, I already had a karrimor spectre 20 rucksack which was hydration system compatible, which basically means from what i can see you get a extra internal pouch for the bladder, a hole in the top for the pipe and elasticated straps on the shoulder straps to hold the pipe in place, I paid 20 quid for this bag 2 year ago and have used it for all sorts and its still in as new condition (in fact these bags come with lifetime guarantee) and it only weighs 500 grams, then I paid 17 quid for a "source" brand 2 litre bladder from my local hiking shop, again cheaper than a camelbak alternative from halfords or my local bike shop, and im well pleased with the result and total cost 37 quid and i have more space i think than the mule would give me which comes in handy on long rides - just thought i would share this as some people might already have a rucksack they could do this with.


  • hucking_fellhucking_fell Posts: 1,056
    Tesco sell a couple of different sizes of bags with bladders for £10. Lidl and Aldi get them them in for less than that but you gotta be quick.
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    I thought about doing something similar but my existing backpack didn't have the 'ridged' back panel that you get with dedicated hydration packs which stops your back from getting too sweaty.
  • I've used a Gelert for years £15 off fleabay, seen exactly the same ones in Halfords with a Bikehut label for £30.
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