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Should mtbs have a scrappage discount scheme too?

ProwlusProwlus Posts: 539
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Given the Goverment's recent proposals to introduce scrappage schemes to incite our 4-wheeled counterparts to buy newer models thus kickstarting our economic growth , should the bike industry try something similar to make us start buying new rigs aswell?


Something like this would be popular if all cycle manufacturers do this wouldn't anyone here agree?


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Great idea! Too many perfectly good frames get chcuked due to the cost of replacement parts compared to a new bike.
  • DufferDuffer Posts: 379
    there's no environmental benefit to recycling an old bike, whereas the crappage scheme was imposed in line with EU regulations on emmissions. and besides, i've just bought a new bike, so no i don't want a new scheme in place! at least for a few years! good idea though.
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Wouldn't work for me. When an old bike doesn't cut it anymore I buy a new one, then get an urge to upgrade the old one regardless :lol: .
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  • I REALLY like this idea. The amount of perfectly useable frames you see at the tip, or chucked in a hedge somewhere is phenominal.
    With something like this, you are:
    1. creating jobs (a relatively small number initially, but potentially expanding if/when the idea takes off).
    2. Boosting the economy overall.
    3. Encouraging Recycling.
    4. Reducing the amount of waste going into landfill or being flytipped
    5. Helping people less fortunate, enabling them to cover greater distances and work etc in areas that may have otherwise been inaccessable.

    You could get people to drop the old bikes off at the LBS, where they are partly broken down (wheels removed, handlebars turned) then collected by the truck making the next delivery. Once back at the manufacturer, they are stripped down and any parts too worn are chucked.

    Main problems I can think of are:
    Who decides how much a bike is worth? and how do you ensure the same standard is applied across all bike shops? You *could* have some kind of central website which lists bikes, their condition and corresponding value/applicable discount, but this would be very difficult to compile/manage.

    What about storage? My LBS would not have enough room to store a couple of dozen junkers until they are collected.

    Of course, if this was a government backed scheme, that would certainly help make this process much easier, but I wouldn't count on getting any help from them lot. :roll:
  • RichMTBRichMTB Posts: 599
    I hear the govenrment is considering a scheme to encourage the struggling tree plantersof the UK,

    "Choppage" will be offered for any tree greater than 10 years and a new tree can be planted in its place
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  • ExeterSimonExeterSimon Posts: 830
    One way the government could encourage us (not that most people on BR need it) is to scrap VAT on bikes and cycling equipment.
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  • When I bought my first half decent mountain bike, about 7 years ago, my bike shop in italy did this. they had a scheme in which you could take in any old cr@ppy, rusty bike and they would shave 100 euros of the price of a new bike.
    then they put the rusty piece of cr@p to a rideable condition and take it to eastern europe to the children affected by chernobyl.
    If a tiny bike shop in a small town in the north of italy can do this, i can't see why a nationwide scheme couldn't be adopted!
  • There is a petition on a govt website, asking for that very thing.

    I'll just try and find it.

  • I can't help but think that £100 is waaaay too much to ask off a new bike. The basic idea of this petition is a good one, but the government will NEVER approve a scheme like this, it would cost them FAR too much money.

    Consider this, if the government wanted to donate some bikes to a 3rd world country, they could just get new bikes made up for about £10-20 each. Why are they going to want to pay £100 for that rusty old Apollo Junker. Of course, they could go one better than that and just have a seperate area for old bikes at Tips. Costs them nothing that way.

    Of course, the £100 they give you for your bike is only the start. There are also all the associated costs involved such as storage, transportation, distribution, human resources, insurance, power, legal and admin fees.... Then of course, there is the ever present Health and Safety aspect, even though these bikes are going to be shipped overseas, the govenment does not want to be donating death traps to impoverished kids in dafur, I can just see the headlines now. this means they would need to employ people to service and inspect all donated bikes.

    To be honest, I think the only way you are going to get this scheme implemented would be to give away your old bike when you get your new one. That or the bike shop has to agree that they will only take bikes deemed to be safe and rideable and then you get like a £10-20 voucher or something. Can't see many bike shops agreeing to that somehow.

    Still signed that petition though, you never know :P
  • Moomin23Moomin23 Posts: 77
    I know Blackpool council started a scheme to take old bikes so they could do them up and use them for fat kids who can't leave the Xbox alone in community projects. Also a great way to introduce cycling to those kids who can't afford new bikes and end up walking the streets at night for fun.
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  • yoohoo999yoohoo999 Posts: 940
    how funny would it be if you were watching an add for a "donate to africa" charity and you see some old guy cruise past on a Demo 8 :D

    "Millions of africans have little or no access to clean water......but the lack of rainfall helps keep their local DH track running extremely fast."

    Soon there will be "donate your old body armour to poor african downhillers" days at race meets
  • yoohoo999 wrote:
    how funny would it be if you were watching an add for a "donate to africa" charity and you see some old guy cruise past on a Demo 8

    "Millions of africans have little or no access to clean water......but the lack of rainfall helps keep their local DH track running extremely fast."

    :lol::lol::lol: Quite possibly the funniest thing I have heard all week.
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