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looking for road pedals and cleats system, with some float

dealdeal Posts: 857
edited April 2009 in Road buying advice
finally decided my mtb shoes and spds are doing my knees no favors so have invested in a lovely pair of lightweight carbon soled road shoes, they are about 400g lighter (which pleased me greatly because i am kind of sad like that :roll: )

now im looking for a pair of pedals (and cleats) with some float and a nice low weight, the shoes have 3 bolt pattern, and would greatfull for some recommendations, cheers


  • hamstrichhamstrich Posts: 112
    Have a look at the Look Keo range, they're very light and you can choose how much float you want - 4.5 degrees with the grey cleats and 9 degrees with the red ones. I've tried the grey and red cleats, and find that 4.5 degrees is plenty, provided that you set the position properly.
  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 1,537
    +1 for the Keos. I also use they grey 4.5 float. Works for me.
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    +2 for Look Keos.

    I tried the 9 degree float for quite a while - but always felt like my feet were slipping around on the pedals too much. Gone back to the 4.5 degree float and find it more than enough. Great pedals to boot and a good range to choose from.
  • BigG67BigG67 Posts: 582
    Not tried anything other than Shimano myself but my mate swears by Speedplay. He had some knee problems and they cleared up when he started using them.
  • dealdeal Posts: 857
    ordered some keos with 4.5 and 9 degree float to see what suits best, thankyou for the input
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