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hello all :)

jack.njack.n Posts: 8
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hi guys, just thought i would introduce myself, names jack, 16 years old and live in the midlands. im in the process of buying my first proper street MTB and was hoping i could get some advice from you guys. i have around £400 to spend and want a bike that i can use for street and the odd smallish jump when i encounter one. doesnt need to be the best bike on the market as its my first one but obviously i dont want a naff one either. the 24seven SS is the one im going for at the moment but would love to hear your thoughts before i spend all my cash. cheers everyone :D


  • WhytepeakWhytepeak Posts: 2,616
    Welcome -

    whatabou' the new ashton rig :wink: - supposed to be a realy good street / jump entry level bike.
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  • iyaaaaaaaaa..

    Yup the ashton is pretty hyped atm.
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