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Witter fitter warning

Mrs ToastMrs Toast Posts: 636
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We finally decided to take the plunge and get a towbar fitted to my car, for a towbar mounted bike rack. For simplicity's sake, I ended up buying and organising the fitting through Witter's own 'Web-Fit' service on their website.

Everything seemed to go through fine, and the money went out of my account two days before the fitting was due to take place. Turned up at the garage (Vauxhall Drive) and...they knew nothing about it.

They'd had the towbar delivered, but didn't know who or what it was for - they thought it was odd, because they were primarily a Vauxhall dealership, and my car is (and therefore the towbar is for) a Nissan. Although they were on the website as being a Web-Fit garage, they weren't actually listed in the Witter print brochure, and no-one had ever told them about it!

They made a few phonecalls, and it seems that there had been some confusion between Witter and the garage's Leicester branch. Vauxhall Drive were great - they sorted me a slot the following day, picking up and dropping off my car at work, and I now have a spangly new towbar and electrics.

But the moral of the story is, if you go through the Witter website to get a towbar fitted, confirm with the garage before the fitting that they know about it, as I think Witter are still sorting out a few kinks in their online ordering system!
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