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Revolution Ergo Grips - snapping problem!

tyaxtyax Posts: 106
edited April 2009 in Road buying advice
Anyone tried these from Edinburgh Bicycle? I've just had to return my second pair which suffered the same fate as my first - they snapped internally :shock: :roll: The design doesn't seem to be too clever, with the vice-clamp situated at the levers/shifters end, and a tube connecting the bar-end to the clamp. It's the tube that's snapped both times.

Fair play to EBC, they replaced the first set and refunded the second without any quibbles whatsoever, so I've purchased a set of Ergon GC2's to see if they'll be better. The vice-clamp is certain in the right place on the Ergons, but they are more than twice the price :?
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    i dont even know what they are?

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