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Stolen Scott Nitrous 10 in Chiswick roundabout area (London)

ByronwwwByronwww Posts: 15
edited April 2009 in MTB stolen
Hi Everyone,

My first forum post on here but have been a lurker for quite a while now. Unfortunately it's to report my bike being stolen from outside my work, which is just off the chiswick roundabout (near London in the UK)

It happened at around 12:30 on Tuesday- 29 April 2009.

So if anyone see's a dodgy mofo riding a grey and black Scott Nitrous 10 around the area please post and let me know. The police have said they can't really do anything as there's no CCTV (I found out that the cameras I thought were watching my bike don't actually work) and no witnesses.

Frame number to follow once i get home.

Ironically my kryptonite lock arrived on the same day it got stolen. The police say theres not much they can do and it's not a high priority for them even though I explained that it cost more than my car.

Bike is standard apart from Shimano DX pedals.
Other specs are:
Front Fork : Marzocchi Bomber 66VF2 LT
Rear suspension: Fox DHX 4.0 (bit of the plastic coating on the suspension coil is shaved off from bottoming it out with the seat post sticking out too much)
Brakes: Hayes El Camino Hydraulic Discs
Drive Train: SRAM x9
Holzefeller Crankset with stock chainguide and bashguard,
Syncros Headset
Scott DH riser bars.

Here's a picture of it on the day I got it (the reflectors have all been taken off and it's a bit dirtier now):

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