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Cosmic Carbone SLs or Reynolds Assaults for everyday?

paddlemyowncanoepaddlemyowncanoe Posts: 265
edited April 2009 in Road buying advice
This is doing my head in. Do I go for a carbon clincher (Reynolds) or faux carbon Cosmics with real world aluminium brake track and weighing 200gms more? I'm c.14st and these are for Surrey riding, sportives, tt and crits.

The Reynolds cost a bit more but that is less of an issue than longevity/bling/performance. My heart says Reynolds but head says Cosmics. Help convince me one way or t'other.


  • MystiqueMystique Posts: 342
    I've gone for Cosmic-type rims with ali braking surface and they seem to be holding up well on the dodgy road surfaces of rural Berks/ Oxon.

    I also thought about going full carbon, but simply couldn't justify either the cost, or my doubts about toughness. Like me you're no featherweight, so is that extra 200gms going to make a noticeable difference??
  • pinkbikinipinkbikini Posts: 843
    Remember if you intend to swap wheels for different rides on the same bike you will have to change the brake pads too if you get all-carbon Reynolds. I find swapping wheels doesn't take too long, but is still a bit of a faff. Swapping pads as well means I would get lazy and not use deep sections as much (or overuse them on Surrey Hills training runs in winter).

    I have the Cosmics and they are, frankly, a tiny bit flexy when out of the saddle (I weigh same as you pretty much). So, for instance, not great for short power climbs. They are very good for flat crits and non-hilly road races as they keep rolling well and, as you say, look the business. That's so important! Mavics are resilient too, which is handy when you hit potholes.

    Can't remember what wheels you currently have, but would advise you to hang onto them for hilly rides, training, etc and go for the Mavics for road races, crits, TTs - OK, 200g heavier but you don't have to mess around with brake pads.

    Plus - all-carbon wheels and descending - talk to ElliottK about how great the braking is!!!
  • inseineinseine Posts: 5,785
    I would have thought that the Cosmics were not so good for crits if you find them flexible and they are heavy too. On the other hand I always hear good things about them and you can get them at a really good price now.
  • pinkbikinipinkbikini Posts: 843
    I find the Cosmics OK for flat, fairly open crits (in SE for instance, Dunsfold aerodrome and Spillingdon) where the fact that they roll well seems to negate the slight weight increase and flex. The flex is pretty slight really. Plus I don't get out of the saddle much at either of these places, except for final sprint where I am more worried about so much more than a bit of wheel flex! I would never use them somewhere like Crystal Palace or Hogg Hill.
    They seem to come into their own for flat-ish road races though. I think they are very good, esp. if you can find a good second-hand pair.
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