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Specialized FSR XC Owners only

MonkeyHeavenMonkeyHeaven Posts: 36
edited April 2009 in MTB general
Hi, Ive just bought a Specialized FSR XC Pro and would like to know if anyone has had trouble fitting it on their cars bike rack? Ive just ordered one and am worried about getting it home from the shop (nobody say ride it) on the missus' car with the cycle carrier i bought from Halfords.
Any help gratefully received...



  • Ride it :D

    I know, i know.

    What bike rack you got? I take it that its a rear screen one?
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    It would not go on my generic rear cycle carrier so I took the front wheel off and put it in the boot.
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    If it shouldn't move and does, use the tape.
  • timmystimmys Posts: 191
    I originally bought a Saris Bones 2 rack to carry my FSRxc. It needed a false top bar to fit on the rack and I was rather dubious about all of the weight of the bike being supported on the bottom of the saddle and stem due to the false cross bar. Ended up using this set-up once and then sold it as I just wasn't happy.

    I now have a thule roof rack + thule proride 591 and am 10x happier carrying my bike now.
  • shantashanta Posts: 278
    Ive got a cheapo rack from Tesco and both my FSR's fit on together!
  • Sorry I couldnt reply sooner I work nights and have only just got up!
    The bike rack is the kind that goes on the rear screen so now Im a bit worried, my girlfriend only has a Yaris and I have a TT so putting it in the boot with or without a front wheel is not gonna happen :(
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Is it a 2009 or 2008 model. If it's a 2008 then it will be very similar in shape to my 07 Stumpjumper FSR and I've had no trouble getting it onto two different rear screen racks. If it's the 09 model I can't imagine it'll be anymore difficult, in fact I would guess the vertical orienation of the rear shock would makie it easier.
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  • pvtpilepvtpile Posts: 74
    ive got a 30 quid bike rack from halfords and i can fit my XL xc fsr 09 on the back of my swift it sits inside the triangle at the seat post and under the down tube
  • Thanks fella's. It is the 09 model so fingers crossed I will be ok, I really dont wanna fork out for a roof rack for the TT and were limited to only one model of rear mount on the Yaris because its the T sport and has a little roof top spoiler...
    I didnt know if that little triangle would be big enough to fit the bike rack through and was wondering if I could mount the bike upside down? Would it damage anything important doing this?

  • pvtpilepvtpile Posts: 74
    ye the triangle is massive on the XL but probley would be a problem for other sizes you might be able to put it through the swing arm
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