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Trek 6700 chainrings

dbodendboden Posts: 349
edited April 2009 in MTB workshop & tech
Any help welcome. Not much experience with bike diy maintenance.
Trek 6700 SLR 2006 (rim braked)
I have just replaced the chain, but it seems to stick a little on the middle chainring, so I think I may have to replace this.
Usure which one to buy, as I cannot see any markings on it telling what it is?
Apart from shimano 32t
Will all the 32t shimano 4 arm chainrings fit?
Am I just better off buying the best.

I have seen - Deore M510 / LX M580 / XT M770 / will either of these do the job?

And do I need to buy a "Chainring nut holding tool" to replace one ring?

Thanks :shock:


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