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Why such a differance in fitness?

jamesstjamesst Posts: 322
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Hi, I did lots of what i'd call training on my bike the weekend with tons of hill work and felt great, yesterday I di nothing then tonite I went for a ride and every mile felt so hard, I didn't seem to have great lung capacity and my legs burned and i wasn't doing anything different. Any thoughts?


  • Sometimes you just have a duff day!! bit tired from the weekend still maybe?

    Nutrition could have an effect, I went out up onto the moors on Saturday and nearly bonked after only 20 miles, but I'd been drinking Friday and set off without any breakfast, so I stuffed cerial bars, gells and dried fruit down my gob and went round the next twenty like a rocket.
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  • jamesstjamesst Posts: 322
    coulld well be nutrition actually, hadn't eaten well today nor sunday faternoon, hadn't felt it before though :cry:
  • Ditch WitchDitch Witch Posts: 837
    And you may not have paid enough attention to your post ride recovery after your ride the other day.

    It takes awhile to replenish your glycogen if you don't do it straight away (within the first 2 hours).
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  • Jamesst, your body is like your car - if you don't put the fuel in, it aint going far.

    Funny thing with my weekend ride was that I didn't feel hungry at all, but I obviously needed fuel. It's always a problem for me going out early as I just can't face eating early, so I usually carry a load of stuff and have a scoff afetr the first ten miles or so.
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