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Turbo trainers.

Ive recently broke my wrist and was thinking of buying a turbo trainer.I was wondering if I will be able to hook it upto a maxle back end and will my dh tyres roll on the rollers or will they vibrate because of the nobbles.

Any info youve got please.


  • Ditch WitchDitch Witch Posts: 837
    My turbo trainer clamps to the wheel, so it doesn't matter what tires I have BUT you want to get yourself a fan, maybe two. It's hot as hell without the wind to cool you down!
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  • I used a turbo trainer over the winter, I started off using my fairly nobbly mtb tyres, it worked to some extent but made a lot of noise and wasn't doing the tyres or the trainer any good so I purchased a turbo trainer tyre and it improved it 100%, much quieter and smoother.

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    I personally have the tacx tyre but that was only because no where had the cheaper continental tyre when i was ordering.

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