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Wythall to Birmingham City Centre

willcowillco Posts: 7
edited May 2009 in Commuting chat
I commute into the Children's Hospital every week day. I would like to get off the main roads, but i don't think there is much of an alternative - any advice? I get on the Pershore Road at Lifford Lane on the way in, but go through Kings Heath going home.


  • bratboybratboy Posts: 82
    You could possibly look at using parts of the Rea Valley cycle route (part of NCN route 5 I think) for an alternative into Birmingham which uses the canal and goes thru Cannon Hill park
    SC61.10a: FCN 3, with clip-on guards for winter
    Uncle John: FCN ?? knobblies, or 'fat' slicks n guards

    If you haven't tried these things, you should.
    These things are fun, and fun is good.
  • Andy_b74Andy_b74 Posts: 1
    you've either got the Rea Valley route as mentioned above or join the canal at Pershore Road/ just off Lifford Lane and head straight into the city center
  • willcowillco Posts: 7
    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the advice. As a result, i got on the canal one night last week at Loveday Street in the town centre and got off at Lifford Lane. The terrain was a bit too rough for my tyres (700 x 23c) on my Giant FCR 1. However, the route was very pleasant. I particularly enjoyed seeing the old Snow Hill Station tunnels. I wouldn't do the journey again on my current bike but certainly would on a mountain bike.

    Thanks again
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