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Drumlanrig Challenge, entry give away....

WaderiderWaderider Posts: 101
I've entered the Drumlanrig Challenge, held on 2nd May, with a start time 9am onwards. I wont be able to make it, and am looking to give my entry away rather than waste it.

I'd like any responses to this offer to be with 100% commitment. I wasted enough time and money entering, I don't want to feel like I've wasted more time posting this thread, or indeed sending on any further info, for the person who gets my entry to also not turn up.

My entry is/was for the 82 mile event. The event is in Southern Scotland, and I can recommend the route having ridden it all before. Lots of hills, lots of scenery!

First enthusiastic person to email me at [email protected] can have the entry. If you're the lucky person I'll need your address to forward the final details.

Information can be found at

If you don't hear back from me please presume someone has already got it...........
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