What bike to buy for around £1000

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Hi, new to road bikes but hoping to get a decent one for fitness and loose a few pounds!

I have Been browsing the net for hours trying to glean as much info as poss. Without actually road testing any bikes I have narrowed it down to these few ( I have given prices as some are on sale)In your opinion if I found them all to be a good bike for me, which one would you choose and why?

Wilier mortirolo mirage 2008 £950
Stealth Pro Carbon Ultegra Medium £1199.( I know above my budjet)
SL Pro Carbon Ultegra £1199
Focus Cayo 105 £989
Boardman Carbon Team £999 (possibly around £850 due to discount) -also is there a problem with the spokes of the rear wheel ?
Kiron Scandium £989

Looking forward to your replys, I am in need to get a bike ASAP.




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    been very happy with my planet x, can't speak for the others tho
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    Do a search in the forums for the boardman spoke issue, it seems like it's just poor setup, the consensus seems to be "great bike, lousy shop" so maybe you should factor in a few quid extra to get a real bike shop to set it up.
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    The Boardman gets great reviews from anyone that has tested it. However as above said, the shop it's self is crap so maybe follow the aboves advice and get a proper shop to set it up for you. The Focus is another good bike and if you check the posts on here you'll struggle to find a bad word said about it. If you have the pennies burning a hole in your pocket look around for an '08' bike, you should be able to save yourself a good few quid.
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    The new Kiron is coming in at under £900, same geometry as Kiron Scandium but with meatier fork (EC70), still 105 throughout though and ultralight Easton alu frame.

    If I hadn't bough the Scandium already I would be tempted by it. Reason I originally went for Scandium was lack of something I liked well under £900 so had to go for 1K instead.
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    The cayo is a good solid and reliable bike with excellent reviews, I'd plump for that.
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    First thanks for your replys, but another two bikes that have ben suggested are,
    Dolan Mythos and ther Ribble Nero Corsa, again the more help suggestions- appreciated.
  • Alan - I am in the exact same boat - and would love to have the answer before my first Tri... might as well get the best use out of the purchase...

    To add to the confusion -

    I also found Focus Culebro (Ultegra) 8.25kg

    Also there are some really cool looking bikes here, aroung the 1199 price and below, way too many bikes!!!!

    Check out the Cinelli Experience, Orbea Onix, Viner Gladius, Bianchi Via Nirone, Colnago Primavera, Scott CR1 & Wilier Mortirolo


    I oo would love some advice to narrow down the field for my first road bike in 20 years..
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    I would get an ex-demo / display at that price personally, for example this Giant was 1500 quid and is now less than 1k.


    Or a specialized roubaix?

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    have you had a look at the Cube's they do quite a few for under £1000 - pretty well specced for the money, although they can be a little *ahen* bling for some.
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    AHHHHHHHH :o Even more bikes to add to the confusion! :P I think it is a lot easier buying a car! :wink:
    Anyhow I guess I have a lot more research to do, I gues they are all good bikes but dont you just hate it when some one says"yeah nice bike mate , but for that price you could have got a......"
    As you can tell I am not a impulse buyer- I only wish I was!
    Let you all know which one out of these 20 or so I go for- eventually.
    Garry Gazza- glad some one else has the same problem.. a problem shared :P Let us know how you get on.
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    GaryGazza wrote:

    Check out the Cinelli Experience, Orbea Onix, Viner Gladius, Bianchi Via Nirone, Colnago Primavera, Scott CR1 & Wilier Mortirolo

    You can get a Viner Gladius Limited edition for under a grand from Halfords, good option if you want to go Campag (the only competition would be the Ribble Sportive). I've been very pleased with mine so far. The spec is better than the one on the epic link I think - mix of 08 Centaur carbon and Miche groupset which all works well.
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    Has to be the ribble sportive for that price. - but there at least a month wait

    But an ultegra plenet x for £1200 - no wait from what Understand , is also a good deal - not sure about how it looks - but that is of course personal preference.

    I always like the specialized allez at this price point

    I have been offered a Kuota Kharma 08 - ultegra for £1300 - pm me if you want the shop details
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    Now even more confused than ever! Whent to my local bike shop and was told Iprobably need a cross bike rather than road :roll:
    Ok so .. what I am going to use the bike for is..
    Commuting, exersise,fun, I will be spending no more than 90 minuites on it at any one time, It has to be comfortable, I dont want to full of aches and pains because of being un comfortable.
    So in your opinions which bike would suit me better- road or cross.? Also if it is cross.. Which ones do I need to look out for?
    Thanks again,