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I'm riding into work this morning with about 5 minutes left to go, approaching the last set of traffic lights. I'm aware of a car behind me, hesitating over whether to overtake or not. As the road widens a bit it goes past (you know the way, rev of the engine, cloud of exhaust just to show how fast they could be going if you weren't there). I look across to see some lad mouthing something at me through the window, and as they go by he carries on through the rear windscreen. I don't speak much Chinese so I just mouthed the usual "feck off" at him.

However, the lights are on red, so they stop and I roll up alongside.

It took 4 goes of doing the international sign language for "roll down your window" before he takes the plunge. Inside the car are 4 Chinese lads, probably about 17 or 18. Now, if this was the UK the story would probably end with me in intensive care and them all doing 15 minutes community service. However, most Chinese teenagers are about as threatening as Bagpuss, so I proceeded.

"What's the problem?", says I.

Chav responds in Chinese, which I don't get.

"I don't speak Chinese," says I, "Can you speak English?"

This may seem a bit arrogant of me. However, I do speak a bit of the language and try to use it in everyday life. But in a potentially confrontational situation I've found it's better to use English as it means I keep the upper hand. Chinese kids are taught English in school and the fact that he didn't know any makes him look stupid and lose face.

Quick conflab with his mate in the front and he comes back with, "Danger". :roll:

"Me, dangerous?", I say..... I then proceed to explain about slowing down, waiting one or 2 seconds for me to move over etc, all with full sign language, much to their amusement as they clearly have no idea what I'm on about. The driver's nodding away like I'm his headmaster and he's getting a bollocking.

Lights go green and they pull away, turning left onto the motorway directly across my path, WITHOUT INDICATING....... :)

I love Hong Kong :lol:
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    I nearly got knocked off yesterday by a mum setting a great example to her kids on the run home from school. I'm riding up the road, she's getting ready to pull out onto the same road from my right. As I arrive opposite the junction she pulls out and makes damn sure she pushes me into the kurb...... she doesn't even look at me, no acknowledgement of my existance, let alone an apology for driving straight at me in an effort to get one place further up the queue of yummy mummies all driving their kids one mile home!

    Had my revenge later as coming up to a roundabout I was able to overtake her and get into the right hand lane directly in front of her and get round it while I ensured she got held up by the next car coming from her right. Grrrrr at people who take the "Might is Right" approach to using our roads!