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to go tubeless, or not to go tubeless....

bregantebregante Posts: 271
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That is the question.

I have a 2008 Specialized Enduro fitted with custom for Specialized DT Swiss X430 rims. I cannot find any info as to whether I can convert these to tubeless using a DT Swiss kit and have contacted the company by email (twice) but had no response.

Has anybody any idea whether this can be done, or any advice generally relating to going tubeless?

4 (yes four) punctures on Saturday has almost convinced me (and my aching thumbs) that this is the way forward for me but any advice would be appreciated.



  • I've just gone Ghetto tubeless on my bike with Mavic XM719's and panaracer Cinder 2.25's. Did it Sunday and went out and did a quick but very rocky blast and alls well. It was easier than I thought it would be to go tubless tbh. Just needed a very good pump.

    Time will tell if it's better but it didn't cost me much to do it so well worth the try imo :)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    this is what i normally say on the subject of tubeless:

    i have used :

    1.standard tyres on a ust rim,
    2.standard tyres with a stans conversion,
    3.tubeless tyres on a ust rim,
    4.tubeless tyres on stans,
    5.tubeless tyres on joes no flats
    6.tubeless tyre on tubeless ready wheels.

    the standard tyres were ok but wouldnt behave correctly and would burp air or pop off of the rim when riding under normal conditions! the same was the case with method 1 and 2. also, fitting regular tyres is more difficult and i needed either co2 (which you use to pop the tyre onto the rim then have to deflate and reinflate a few times to get rid of the co2) or a compressor.

    the tubeless tyres are ace with any of the other methods i tried, the best is 3 and 6 as they require the least effort.

    i have had punctures with tubeless and they sealed as i rode along and i kept going and may only have lost 2-3 psi. in my experience, tubeless int lighter if you are already running decent tyres and tubes but it is a real bonus to not have to worry about flats.

    at the moment i am running :

    specialized eskar 2bliss tyres on tubeless ready roval wheels
    specialized the captain 2 bliss on joes no flats

    i have a set of stans strip i havent gotten round to fitting to my cannondal but mostly because i dont like riding it anyway!.

    finally, stans strips are better to fit than joes as they are a more sculpted strip and i like specialized tyres as they are very light for tubeless ready and are as light as regular tyres!! usually ust tyres are heavier in general.

    hope this helps.
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