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`08` Kona Caldera weight???

RegalRegal Posts: 55
edited July 2009 in MTB general
looked all over,, even on Kona every review i can find,,,, and cant find a weight for the 08 caldera anywhere ;0( for some reason they only have weights for 07 and below..

anyone ?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    a lot of compaines have stopped listing weights as there are too many vairables. do you weigh a large or a small frame? with or without pedals?

    as no one could come up with a standard way to weigh bikes.

    you might find frame weights on sites like Weightweenies. etc. if you really want to know the weight pop into your local stockist and weigh one :wink:
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  • nfrangnfrang Posts: 250
    On the right is say's 'show full specification' :wink: ... a-08-28222

    Look's about right!
  • RegalRegal Posts: 55
    Hmmm . . . That says its up just below 30lb . . . Nearly 2lb heavier than the 07 model . . Ouch . . I expected about the same or maybe a tad lighter . .
  • ChrisAGChrisAG Posts: 1
    The '08 (and '09) frame is supposed to be lighter than the '06-07 frame and yet the '08 is heavier - in fact the '09 is lighter, back to the '07 weight.

    The fork used in 2008 is partly to blame, the Tora 302 coil. I believe the Tora XC is lighter (air spring?) for 2009. I suppose the Marzocchi MZ Race in the 2007 model is lighter than the Tora, though I can't be sure. But not much else changed in going from 2007 to 2008 so I can't explain the rest of the weight gain, which seems to contradict the lighter frame for '08.

    Other changes for 2009 include the crank, and a switch from WTB CXC cockpit to Kona XC/BC - the WTB components were heavy (despite being aluminum), so maybe the newer XC/BC are of higher quality.

    Frustrating I know - I have a 2008, but have switched to a Reba Race to save some weight off the front end and will soon be swapping the bar, stem, and wheelset to something lighter.
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