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Saddles (and other instruments of torture)

5Thumbs5Thumbs Posts: 88
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Do they have to be so hard and unforgiving?

I know that it depends on the shape of your bones etc and i appreciate the right design is crucial but even when they are the right width/length why are some so spartan? I mean, I know you can buy padded undercrackers but why not just pad the saddles and have ordinary crackers? It cant be a weight thing because foam cant weigh that much can it?

This is prompted by my new Lapierre bike with its sleek streamlined perch which leaves me feeing like someone parked their whole bike up me jacksy. I'm sure there must be a reason but I cant believe that anyone actually prefers a harder saddle (no doubt I'll be proved wrong).

So charge spoon, fizik gobi etc here I come, in the hope that at some point I can ditch the John Wayne swagger.


  • Nik_BNik_B Posts: 270
    I'm sure once you get a decent saddle and set your bike up right there is a period of time where you get a sore censored . After x number of days it passes. I can ride without padded shorts with my el-cheapo saddle and it doen't really hurt even after a really long ride.

    those big wide saddles you see that advertise comfort are actually quite bad for you and can cut off circulation. Streamlined saddles are the way forway but you body needs to get used to it.
  • deadliestdeadliest Posts: 471
    I very seldom get a sore ar*e nowadays even after its taken a pounding all weekend :oops:

    I use Rocket V Saddles and find them comfy even on long 3-4 Hour rides.

    Padded shorts in my opinion can sometimes make it more uncomfortable on long rides.
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  • GrimyGrimy Posts: 111
    I know what you mean 5thumbs, They do seem somewhat sparse on the old padding, but as mentioned, you do tend to numb to them after a while. I've been on a wtb rocket saddle for the last 4 months, and whilst my censored has hardened to it a little, I still get but pain after a good 4 hours riding. Ive just treated myself to a SDG bell-air RL ti, after trying my mates out. The diferance is like chalk and cheese. The bell air feels sublimely comfortable in comparison, to the point where I can quite happily ride it for hours without padded shorts. Each to there own though and all that, like you mentioned, everyones got there own shape. I'm starting to think that that whilst the quantity of padding helps with comfort, its the flex in the saddle shell that ultimatly provides the most comfort, and perhaps the flex in the titanium rails too.
  • RaymondavalonRaymondavalon Posts: 5,346
    deadliest wrote:
    I use Rocket V Saddles and find them comfy even on long 3-4 Hour rides.

    Aah, agreed 100% on the Rocket V saddles, WTB got that design perfect. I have them fitted on both HT bikes and can pedal all day perched on a Rocket V Race
    However, today I cycled just under 30 miles on my FS bike, including a jaunt in Reading Copse, no pain at all - on the Felt's standard saddle

    I think as we get used to riding we adapt to the saddles, but a well designed saddle makes all the difference.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Padding isn't always very useful, sometimes it's even counterproductive- I bet most of us have ridden on soft saddles that just collapse under you and end up chafing and offering no real support. I have a Charge Knife now on my main bike and it's got very little padding, but it's well shaped and the padding it has is very effective, plus the chassis and rails have enough flex in them to add comfort. End result is a waiflike saddle that's more comfortable for me than most with more padding.
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