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claudbclaudb Posts: 212
edited April 2009 in Pro race
Has anyone got any experience of this yet ??
I've just been looking - ... aser.shtml
- but it's not clear whether you just get the TV output or dedicated coverage of what you want. I mean can you get the Cycling coverage and not have to wait until the Snooker/Tennis/ArmWrestling is finished etc. I am an subscriber, so do not have high expectations !!!!


  • skutskut Posts: 371
    Just whatever is on telly

    At the moment it is Snooker and superbikes

    You can replay on demand though. And the interface is way better than
  • Garry HGarry H Posts: 6,639
    Great, advertising LBL at 16.00, but it's still showing snooker.
  • The times shown are in Eurozone i think rather than GMT - if you go to the TV guide at the top it says 5pm although it's 5.08 and its still not on?!
  • pb21pb21 Posts: 2,170
    Ah just what I wanted snooker.
  • fast as fuppfast as fupp Posts: 2,277
    check out the noddy holder lookalikey in the snooker crowd next to the feller in the leicester shirt!

    70's hairtastic!
    'dont forget lads, one evertonian is worth twenty kopites'
  • Does anyone have an email address of Eurosports?
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