A couple of questions about CO2 cartridges

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I've recently bought a CO2 pump which has raised a couple of questions for me:
    1. My front wheel, which I had pumped up with CO2 following an onroad puncture, went flat recently. I couldn't find a hole in the tube and the valve appears fine as well. The only thing I can think of is that somehow the CO2 leaked out since my last ride. I've heard that this happens with CO2, but am not sure how quickly it might happen? Might this be an explanation for a flat front tyre? 2. I'm on a cycling holiday this summer in France, but I know that I'm not supposed to bring the cartridges in the hold because it is unpressurised. I figure I can't bring them into the cabin with me either? Can anyone confirm that I simply won't be able to bring the CO2 cartridges by plane, and will therefore have to source some once I get there?


  • yogi
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    I carry a CO2 canister for when a very quick tube change and re-inflate is required. I think you'll find that the CO2 freezes the valve which is why the 'air' escapes from the tube.

    When I've used a CO2 I've often gone to get the bike the next morning and found the tyre to be flat.

    On CO2 cannisters on flights; guidelines used to vary between different operators. I'd just take a mini-pump and put it in your back pocket - it's re-usable too, I always carry one.
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    It's only intended as a 'get you out of trouble' fix. When you get back home, just deflate your tyre and re-inflate.

    Godsend if you ask me.
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    The CO2 leaking out through the inner tube is a known factor. As already stated, it's only intended for 'get you home' use. Something to do with CO2 being slightly soluble in rubber.
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    Ok, that's really helpful, I hadn't realised until my recent experience (and the posts here, thanks) that the CO2 leaked out that quickly. Will make sure I always re-inflate on my return.

    Any more views on bringing a CO2 pump abroad?
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    I`ve never had a co2 filled tyre go flat,it just goes down a bit quicker than normal.
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