long hard hilly ride, well for me

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hi guys,

had my furthest longest hilliest ride today and my legs are reasonably sore. my question is do i go out tomorrow and do some spinning? i think i read it somewhere it will do me good and get rid of a build up of something, toxins maybe. is this right or wrong?

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  • joeyhalloran
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    if you have the time go for it, just take it easy, no sharp accelerations or sprints up hills. Can take this oppertunity to think about technique, work on making a 'complete circle' and just enjoy the time out. The extra blood flow to the legs can help get rid of all the 'bad stuff' and im sure it will make your legs feel less stiff tomorrow.
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    Lactic Acid will have built up in your legs so a spin will help to ease it out. Should make you feel better :D
  • joeyhalloran
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    i believe lactic acid is actually removed much faster than most people think, it only takes 30 mins or so (i read somewhere, i may have mis-remembered) but it removes all the other byproducts.
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    toxins :lol:

    Recovery is an important part of fitness, if by "some spinning" you mean "taking it easy" then yes, do that.