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Over the past few weeks I have been having a problem with my left leg around the calf and back of my knee. The main problem is that the muscle gets very tight and i cannot put any pressure on it. Yesterday when i got onto the pedals my leg just above the knee felt like it was going to explode. Once i am home i find it near impossible to bend the leg, as it strains the muscle in the top of my calf and behind my knee.

Usually it kicks in after about 40/50km and I can usually cure it by rubbing some deep freeze on it and am fine a few hours later.

Yesterday, however I was not so fortunate. After around 30km it flared up again and by the time I got home 67km in total I could not stand up and I almost fell off the bike when I got off.

This time the deep freeze has not worked even after 1 dose yesterday and even more this morning after a bad nights sleep. In the end I had to surround my leg with ice in a towel for around 30 minutes and this seems to have eased it.

I currently ride with M540 SPD Pedals and shoes and am wondering if these could be these cause? Is it something you get when you first start to ride clipless and will get better over time or could it be something more serious?

My leg/feet position feels comfortable and natural when i clip in so am wondering if i need to use a different pedal. i.e Speedplays etc


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    Problems with legs and joints etc.....get yourself to a physio. I visited a physio twice with a nerve problem in my leg. Now all fixed. They show you various stretches and get straight to the area. Also, get yourself along to the local sports colleage, they often have trainee physio's wanting bodies to massage on. So you get a great massage by this students who are hell bent on doing a great job!