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back in the saddle and needing advice

ol\'greggol\'gregg Posts: 612
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hi all
I've not long got back into the MTB scene. i'm 29 and haven't had a bike for about 9 years, i used to be out every weekend but my downfall was getting a car hanging up my skates from roller hockey and hitting the pubs way too much then came the inevitable weight gain from going from training 5 days a week and playing hockey on the weekend and biking to zero traing and beer beer beer I decided that had to change so i bought a '08 giant rainier a few months back and was just wondering is it worth changing/ upgrading anything? or should i just ride it into the ground til i get back into the swing of things and then upgrade the bike? just wondered if the bike was worth it.

thanks in advance

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  • Nik_BNik_B Posts: 270
    I'd just ride it, learn to maintain it when bits fail replace or upgrade and at the point where when it becomes uneconomical to repair or you've outgrown it in terms of performance then change the bike. My bike was cheap ~320 pounds and has served me well but the brakes just wont do the job at trail centres for one which was my main reason to change the bike. While I had it I have learned how to maintain it and fix various problems. It was always my plan to learn from my mistakes on something that was cheap so I didn't end up damaging or neglecting a more expensive bike.
  • TeddzzyTeddzzy Posts: 13
    I agree with the above, my story is the same as yours nearly. I found it really helped when I started riding to work, because I get two mini work outs every day! Though in as many weekends off the road as I can and I have never felt better!!
    Me personally, I would just get used to riding again, your bound to fall off at some point so learning to look after the bike you have now, will be a good learning experience, as in a couple of years your going to be spending lots and lots and lots of money on a nice new shiny bike!
  • FlenserFlenser Posts: 372
    Might be worth getting a new saddle that doesn't interfere with your mangina? :lol::wink:
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