Carrying a freshly trued wheel

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I picked up a trued wheel last night on the way home from work.

Now I often see people on bikes with wheels jauntily perched on the back of their messenger bag looking like they always have one there, so I thought I'd be able to achieve the same effect.

I looped my two straps that hold down the flap of the bag through the spokes but I ended up with the wheel flapping around on my back, sticking out, in danger of flapping right over, dropping onto my rear wheel and wrenching me off the bike.

So I rode the rest of my way home using my hand to steady it, I don't think I looked very organised.

Anybody got any pointers?


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    Attach it to a backpack if you have one by criss-crossing bungy straps around the backpack and across the hubs without pressure on the spokes, and then loosely tie the top and bottom of the wheel to the backpack?
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    Lash it to your pannier rack.
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    Fit the new, trued wheel and carry the old one (then you don't have to worry about it so much)?
  • Not helpful here, but I went on the train with mine (trued wheel) in a bin bag last week

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    Carefully :D:D:D