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Daedalu5Daedalu5 Posts: 2
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Hi all,

Decided to drop a post as I've just purchased a bike on a bit of a whim! Haven't ridden a bike for 15 odd years and in Halfords (please - no comments I realise this may offend the purists!!) and purchased what I thought was a good deal. I bought the Carrera Banshee for £260 (I think it's last years model and they're discontinuing) I didn't think this was bad as a starter?!

However, I now realise that having no experiance of how bikes have changed over the last couple of decades I have absolutley no clue when it comes to maintenance and the best places to ride. I've also noticed a lack of information that doesn't assume at least some knowledge, just for example how to set-up the bike properly for things like sag.

I've been doing as much reading as possible and realise that I have plenty to learn and am open to any and all suggestions as to how I can make the most of the bike and enjoy the sport.

Thanks for 'listening' all!


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Hi and welcome,

    Banshee is a good value bike - it is more of a 'hardcore' short ride special than designed for long trips out, but if rougher terrainfloats your boat, is a good buy!

    Watch that sun ;-)
  • Nik_BNik_B Posts: 270
    I'd just do what you are already doing, when you aren't riding and have some spare time read up on various things, skills, maintenance etc.

    For maintenance I personally use but I bet there are plenty other sites like that out there it's just one I personally like as the guy is dead easy to understand and talks slow.

    Do the maintenance as and when you need to and you'll learn as you go. Try and get reasonable tool kit or multitool and slowly you'll increase your knowledge and riding skills as you go.

    Put together a list of all the kit you'll probably need and you can build it up, I found that over a year I've spend way more than my bike cost so it's a good thing not to commit to a dead expensive bike and then find you don't know how to look after it and haven't got all the other stuff you'll need.

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